HB Plumbing provides fast, friendly and affordable Leak Detection Services and leak repairs in Rosendal, Rosendal, Brackenfell, Parow and all of the other surrounding areas within the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. We are licensed and with 23 years of experience in plumbing services, we are definitely one of the best and safest options to assist you with detecting and repairing all of your leaks.

HB Plumbing offers professional and reliable thermal imaging leak detection, dye pack test leak detection, gas leak detection and pressure leak detection testing services. Leak Detection services in Rosendal, Brackenfell and Rosendal. Leak Detection Services is an advanced and specialized field which requires the proper tools and the proper expertise for leak detection services to be performed successfully and for your leak or leaks to be repaired thereafter.

Aside from finding the suspected leak, once the leak or leaks have been identified, it is in your best interest to have a qualified and licensed plumber repair your leak in a practical economical inexpensive way where possible. HB Plumbing is experienced, licensed, accredited and competent enough to find and fix your leak.

Call our Rosendal office on 021 987 0160 or call the owner Herman Louwrens on 082 895 8757 for a reliable and affordable leak detection and leak repair service in Cape Town. We look forward in proving why everyone says we are the best Plumbers in Rosendal, Rosendal and Brackenfell.

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